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Welcome to Kyoto Sushi ZT

In Japanese cuisine, sushi (in Chinese it is written/called: 寿司, 鮨, or 鮓) is vinegar rice, usually topped with other ingredients, such as vegetable, egg, fish, and etc. The word/character "sushi" (鮨) was originated from ancient China (400 B.C. - 300 B.C.) and another character "鮓" appeared for the first time in a Chinese literature in 2nd century A.D.; they were introduced to Japan a century later. Gradually, sushi, as a kind of food, was no longer popular in ancient China, but since then it was getting more and more popular in Japan, the sushi variety and the production process have been enriched and developed, and now sushi restaurants can be found all over the world, including China.

Kyoto Sushi ZT is located in downtown Ottawa(132 Bank St.),Entrancewe provide various sushi, tempura, teriyaki, curry, donburi, udon, and side dishes, you may either enjoy in-store or you may take out; also we prepare party trays for all your needs: celebrations, anniversaries, and parties. We are pleased to serve you, and we believe that fine sushi and all dishes, elegant environment, and sweet smiles will bring you all new feelings.

You may navigate in our website to find almost all information about us, such as our complete menu, prices and ingredients of all our sushi and dishes, business hours, menu for downloading, contact information, career opportunities, images and video clips of our food, and etc, you may plan your meal, make an order by calling us, then pick it up, when it's ready, to save your time; you may call us for making reservations as well.